How To Clean Jvc R-s77

For sale is a vintage JVC R-S77 stereo receiver from 1980. I remember this receiver being on the back cover of Stereo Review. This receiver is a rare inventory leftover that was never sold to an end user. It was a shelf model in an AV store in New England that went out of business. It was found in the box when the store closed and inventory was all sold off. I bought it in the 90's because I […]

How To Cut Aluminum Tubing

Cut pipes perfectly down the middle with a band saw and a pipe jig. (Image: Pipes and more pipes image by rider from You may need to cut a pipe in half lengthwise for a number of reasons. A viable way to cut round PVC or non-ferrous metal pipe lengthwise is with a band saw. An accurate […]

How To Create An Amusement Park

Roller Coaster Theme park in a blocky world. Become a rollercoaster master! Build, craft and create thrilling rollercoaster tracks, run your own theme park and become a real tycoon! […]

How To Call Stuff Like Windows

Here are the details you asked for : Yes, call is the function in subprocess. I've made the necessary edits now above. hope the situation is clear now. […]

How To Clean Old Polished Brass

some of this old pieces are not brass just coated, scratch on the bottom and see if its brass or core iron. then best figure out how to clean it. I collected brass for a long time and used Brasso cotton. it worked very well, plus there is companys out there that would clean it for you if it's all brass… […]

How To Delete Your Browser History On Google Chrome

When you visit any website on a Mac, your browser automatically creates and stores the history of the visited web pages and search requests. Removing this information allows you to not only protect your data confidentiality, but also clears memory space. […]

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