How To Buy A Chanel Bag Online

Take a close look at the stitching. All top end designer bags will have a high stitch count. A Chanel bag should have 10 or more stitches per square inch & the diamond quilting will remain consistent & in-line particularly at the back across the pocket. […]

How To Change Avi File Format

Convert AVI to MOV on a Mac (and Windows) – the Easiest Way of 2019 C onvert ing AVI to MOV on a Mac and Windows is pretty easy to do with WALTR 2. This is a direct AVI … […]

How To Build Kale Vs Zedd

Kale: Much like spinach, kale is mild in taste and a powerhouse of nutrients. Rich in vitamin C, kale can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol while also providing potassium to the body, which can help lower blood pressure. Kale also contains bioflavanoids, which help fight cancer, and calcium and magnesium help promote bone health. […]

How To Cut Tempered Glass Tube

Glass West is a tempered glass dealer for both residential and commercial applications. We’ve cut and installed tempered glass for 1,000’s of customers throughout the greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and everywhere between. […]

How To Download Minecraft For Free On Computer Youtube

17/05/2017 · HOW TO DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT PC FOR FREE!!!! Learn how to install any version of minecraft for FREE! The only purpose of those $26 Minecraft cards you see at the stores are for acually playing online […]

How To Add Discord To Enjin

Discord Guild Server, the server has text and voice channles. You can use it for chatting or talking.. ( Its no need in our Guild to use a Voicechat ) […]

How To Build Ladder Golf

What others are saying" One of our all-time favorite summer games is Ladder Golf (we call it Ladder Ball). So when our cheap, plastic store bought set fell apart Darcy and I decided to make one of our own." […]

How To Delete Contacts From Samsung Phone

Part 1: Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9 Directly. Step 1.Run Program and Connect Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Computer To begin to with, run the Android Data Recovery program on the computer, click”Android Data Recovery” option in the home page of program.Then please connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone to the computer via an […]

How To Smooth Cut Edges Of Deck Boards

Last but not least, you can smoothen the edges of the wood piece by sanding them with a sand block. If you have followed our guidelines, the cut lines should be perfectly straight. If you have followed our guidelines, the cut lines should be perfectly straight. […]

How To Add A New Site To A Domain

29/02/2016 · Add a totally new domain into our environment. The domain name we will call it "". This was a acquisition and the users are currently setup now on our on-prem environment and functioning with their primary smtp address still as "" […]

How To Create An Array Of Vectors

When you use a colon as a subscript in an indexing expression, such as A(:,n), it acts as shorthand to include all subscripts in a particular array dimension. It is also common to create a vector with a colon for the purposes of indexing, such as A(j:k) . […]

How To Change Php.ini File Server Side

The php.ini file is a PHP server’s main configuration file. When your PHP server is first turned on or restarted, it reads the php.ini to load various settings and configurations. These settings control different server aspects like memory limits, data handling and file uploads. […]

How To Create A Cartoon Version Of Yourself

See more What others are saying "I like the way multiple individual elements make up one complete image." "Only pinned because its a tutorial, preferred the other collage reference" […]

How To Develop Self Confidence In Tamil

This is a Self Development Motivational video on How to build Self Discipline. Related searches: Self development videos in Tamil, Personal Development videos in Tamil, How to build self discipline Tamil, Motivational videos in Tamil, Motivation Tamil, Tamil Motivational videos. […]

How To Add A Santa Hat To Your Picture

Thanks for all the support and appreciation for Create A Series.★ If you’ve ever wondered how you would look as Santa, well here’s your chance to find out by downloading our app. Convert yourself into an aging old grandpa, After Decorate pictures of you with santa wear including Santa Beard, Santa Eye Brows, San Hats in Create A Santa. Any photo can be turned into santa in Santa Booth […]

How To Clean Out Monistat 1

7/02/2011 Best Answer: no monastat is medicine even though the worst of it is gone there may be a tiny bit of yeast that the medicine will kill and prevent you from relapsing! just suck it up a few more days. douching is bad anyways! it rids the vag of good bacteria that you need so that bad bacteria doesn't take over! so no don't […]

Pokemon How To Draw Trainer

Create your own Pokemon trainer in the games by creating a new save file and following the onscreen instructions. To create a trainer in the Pokemon art style, use an actual trainer … […]

How To Connect Apple Tv With Macbook

When I connect it to the TV I find that the TV does not recognize the mac and the mac seems to think the only way to connect is via apple TV (wh […]

How To Break Passcode On Ipad

Forbes reports the company’s passcode hacking technology known as GrayKey doesn’t work on devices with iOS 12 or later installed. Instead, members of the forensics community say the technology can only do a “partial extraction” on these devices. […]

Minecraft Xbox How To Add Servers

Add your Minecraft Xbox 360 edition servers and Minecraft Xbox One edition servers to our Minecraft server list. Just fill out the form below. […]

How To Build A Sliding Door For A Pole Barn

How To Frame A Pole Barn Sliding Door Factor 8 Ft X 6 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed How To Build A Wooden BoatHow To Frame A Pole Barn Sliding Door How To Build Outdoor Steps For Mobile Home Free Woodworking Plans KidsHow To Frame A Pole Barn Sliding Door Plan For How To Build A Catapult Using Rope How To Build A Wooden BoatHow To Frame A Pole Barn […]

How To Add Salt To Pool

You finaly bought your salt chlorine generator, what now? It’s essential to know how so as to add salt to the pool to attain the salt ranges needed in your pool. […]

How To Decide Bid Based On Cost And Revenue

I'm using this formula: Profit Margin = (Revenue - Expenses) / Revenue. I'm trying to understand what my projected revenue would be given my profit margin and estimated cost. I'm looking for an answer in the form of a formula for Revenue like R = ? . […]

How To Cook Smooth Oatmeal Porridge

Porridge is digested slowly and helps to keep you full for longer, leading to just about every health expert proclaiming it to be the most desirable way to start your day. Paired with the fact […]

How To Change Default From Adobe To Word

Controlling Bookmark Creation from Microsoft Word Acrobat can create a set of hierarchical bookmarks from a Microsoft Word document authored using Styles, Another term for Styles is Headings. Using Styles is a best practice, regardless of how you plan to distribute your document. […]

How To Use Self Clean On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart has a 12-cup carafe, 24-hour programmability, a self-cleaning mode, and 1 to 4-cup settings. The hot water system has an indicator to let you know when the water is ready. Press a […]

How To Clean Kia Sorento Maf Sensor

See Bad Mass Airflow Sensor Symptoms. Location of MAF Sensor . Mass airflow sensor problems can cause a variety of symptoms from the annoying to the must repair. We’ll discuss these in-depth on this page. Also watch the video on how to clean MAF sensors without damaging the delicate part at the bottom. Here are some problems a malfunctioning senor can cause. Rough idle, engine hesitation […]

How To Remove White Background And Add Transparent Layer

Alright so that covers creating stuff and how to switch it to transparent background then exporting it as such. Now if you got a already finished work but did the mistake of not keeping the background on the paper layer, example you made a new layer, filled it in with white then start drawing on that layer. […]

How To Create Reflection In Illustrator

Getting Stated Window Reflection Effect In Photoshop You will need at least three images to work with: a subject, a reflection image, and a texture image which will be necessary to create … […]

How To Create A Linked Lsit C

The forward_list class template has been designed with efficiency in mind: By design, it is as efficient as a simple handwritten C-style singly-linked list, and in fact is the only standard container to deliberately lack a size member function for efficiency considerations: […]

How To Clean A Rusted Aladin Lamp

Wiping down the lamp will remove dust and grime while ensuring that you spot every bit of rust. Clean any rusted metal with vinegar and baking soda. Saturate a cleaning rag with vinegar and wipe down the metal. Use firm pressure and be careful to keep the vinegar off the lampshade when possible. […]

How To Draw A Cartoon Girl With Curly Hair

How Draw Cartoon Girl With Curly Hair. Curly Hair Drawing Amazing Drawings Art Drawings Anime Hair Hair Reference Art Techniques How To Draw Hair Girl Cartoon Art Tutorials. More information. Saved by. Audra Seifert. 18. Similar ideas . More information. More information. More information […]

How To Become A Freelance Mobile App Developer

While there are different paths that you can take in order to become a mobile app developer, there are four mandatory skills that you need to develop in order to become one. These include design skills, computing skills, programming skills, and business skills. Design Skills. When it comes to designing for mobile apps, app developers need to remember that a mobile user interface is different […]

How To Draw Kobe Bryant Jersey

They got to experience Kobe Bryant's historic jerseys retirement ceremony while playing in front of many of the legends of the game. And on Wednesday, they dueled with James Harden and snapped […]

How To Add A Sign Off To Email On Mac

Writing an email isn't so hard, but figuring out how to sign off can be a real challenge. Is "cheers" too casual? Too pretentious? Too British? […]

How To Become A Sephora Vib Rouge Member

Here’s what you need to know about the annual sale, whether you’re a VIB Rouge member or still working your way up the Insider ranks. MORE: The 7 Features You’re Not Using Enough of at Sephora […]

How To Choose Which Screen A Game Opens On

If you principally watch TV, sports or play video games, then you will want to go with a 16?9 screen. That way the full screen area will be entirely filled with an image the majority of time […]

How To Download Pokemon Liquid Crystal Version

in Unown letters pokemon liquid crystal how to get to silver cave has no importance whatsoever to the game. Unown Report Main article: In the Unown Report Main article: In the Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version, the player will receive an Unown Report after solving one of … […]

How To Become Righteous Before God

10/01/2019 No one was able to obey all the law before God therefore no one was able to be righteous before God by their obedience to the law. So there is no such thing as "righteousness" of observing the law. Romans 3:19-20 19 Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. 20 […]

How To Become Software Engineer In Canada

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, the average pay of applications software engineer/developers in a year was at $87,790 as of May 2016 while the average payoff systems software developers/engineers was at $94,180 in the same month and year. […]

How To Change Color Of Div In Javascript

I am trying to change background color when a checkbox is checked using the following javascript function: I could change background color of body but not the form(div)'s background color… […]

How To Create A Windows Media Player Playlist

Open Windows Media Player on the computer. Click on the desired playlist. Open the "File" menu and click "Export Playlist to File." When the "Save As" dialog box pops up, click on the appropriate folder that contains the playlist. […]

How To Change Rear Drum Brake Pads

Take the brake pads and springs apart, replace with new brake pads. 9) Proceed to clean the backing plate with the brake clean, then wipe the rub points dry. 10) Apply the silicone lube or … […]

Layout 2016 How To Connect Two Pages

In LayOut, I create a two-page doc and insert the CSH#1 model on each page. Using the SketchUp Model dialog box, I assign one scene to each of the two viewports (one on each page). Using the SketchUp Model dialog box, I assign one scene to each of the two viewports (one on each page). […]

How To Add Egg To Chinese Soup

Wonton soup, hot and sour soup, and egg drop soupthe classic trio offered on every Chinese menu. Making these soups during the winter months would help [] Making these soups during the winter months would help [] […]

How To Delete Facebook Messages All At Once

Facebook is the most popular social media website till date and still, it’s improving and attracting new people and making existing people addicted to their platform. […]

How To Build A Clothes Rack With Metal Pipe

DIY patterns and supplies Shop millions of handmade and vintage items on the world’s most imaginative marketplace Clothing Rack, Clothes Rack, Children's Costume Rack, Clothes Hanger, Kids Clothes Stand, Shop Display, Clothes Storage, Market Display Feltballgarlands 5 out of 5 stars (194) AU$ 59.00. Favourite Add to See similar items + More like this . Clothing bar clothes rack copper […]

How To Create A Public Server In Scp Secret

How to Generate A Public/Private SSH Key [Linux] By Damien Posted on Nov 10, 2011 Nov 18, 2011 in Linux If you are using SSH frequently to connect to a remote host, one of the way to secure the connection is to use a public/private SSH key so no password is transmitted over the network and it can prevent against brute force attack. […]

How To Clean More Space On Computer

Select "This PC" in the left pane so you can search your whole computer. If you only want to look at your C drive, select the C drive instead. If you only want to look at your C drive, select the […]

How To Become A Private Caregiver In Ohio

In order to be caregiver, you will want to click "Join Now" at our Homepay and select that you are looking to apply for jobs and this will prompt you to fill in your information for your account. […]

How To Cut Large Images With Cricut

Go beyond the limits of your large Cricut mat! This tutorial for a giant alphabet sign will help you learn how to do projects larger than 12"x24". This tutorial for a giant alphabet sign will help you learn how to do projects larger than 12"x24". […]

How To Delete Everything But Keep Windows

9/06/2016 · As long as the account you have been given is an Admin account then you can safely delete her old account. It sounds as if you have already checked that you have access to all the programs you need so you will be OK. […]

How To Clean A Cast Iron Pancake Griddle

The flat side of the cast iron griddle plate is designed for crispy thin pizzas, jumbo pancakes, crepes and more. The ridges side is ideal for cooking steaks, seafood, vegetables and more. It also features a built in drip tray for catching fat and oil. […]

How To Build A Good Clash Of Clans War Base

War Base is the base which is used as your base in Clan Wars. It is the base the Opponent Team has to defeat if they attack you(in Clan Wars). War Base is kept seperate from your Home Village because you need to protect your Town Hall in Clan Wars while you can still have a Farming Base … […]

How To Add A Gable Roof To An Existing Roof

To add an overhang, even a 12" ladder frame attached to the existing end truss/rafter requires removing some roof and sheathing so new plywood can be extended back at least two truss/rafter bays to tie the new frame extension into the roof. Adequate attachment of the frame with lags or bolts is needed. […]

How To Draw A Peacock With Open Feathers

The blue peacock’s body feathers are mostly metallic blue-green. The green peacock, with a train much like that of the blue, has green and bronze body feathers. Hens of both species are green and brown and are almost as big as the male but lack the train and the head ornament. In the wild, both species live in open … […]

How To Build A Cheap House On Your Own

2. Its a lot cheaper. Here a contractors percentage of the cost of having him build the house: 25% cost of land, 25% building materials, 25% labor, 25% builders profit/overhead. […]

How To Add Money In Paytm Using International Card

Paytm, starting Wednesday, has announced a charge of 2 per cent on adding money to its wallet using a credit card. "When you use your credit card to add money to Paytm wallet, you will be charged […]

Unreal Engine How To Delete A Folder

The installation is simple - you just copy a few files into your "engine" folder of Unreal Engine 4 installation (don't forget to make a backup of overwritten files!). After you press "Build" in Unreal Engine, your GI will be generated with GPU instead of CPU, which means that it will finish a LOT faster! […]

How To Change Grid Line Interval In Excel

17/11/2016 · Open an Excel file. Click “File” from the menu bar at the top then select “Open” from the options. Locate the Excel file you want to open using the window that pops up, select it, … […]

How To Build Something In Lumion

Because Lumion works like a game engine, I immediately saw the potential of utilizing the Substance workflow within Lumion. Getting Substance materials into Lumion takes a couple of extra steps, but it is very effective. Typically, the workflow includes finding a Substance material, opening it in Substance Player, refining the Substance material to export to bitmaps, and then importing it into […]

How To Become Pharmaceutical Engineer

To become a pharmaceutical scientist, you must have a strong interest in mathematics, biology, chemistry and the scientific process. You may want to decide early on which aspect of the drug development cycle you want to focus on discovery, development or manufacturing. In college, you can major in the pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering or a […]

How To Become An Immigration Consultant In Usa

How do I become a California Immigration Consultant? File an Immigration Consultant Disclosure form with the secretary of state. Submit fingerprints and pass a background check. Submit a 2" x 2" color passport photo. Submit a copy of a current photo ID (driver’s license or U.S. passport). File a $100,000 bond. How often must I pay the premium on my Immigration Consultant bond? You must pay […]

How To Delete This Egistec Crap From My Computer

Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether the EgisUpdate.exe on your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to a trusted application. […]

How To Change Colour On Adobe Premiere Pro

Tips for Using Labels in Premiere Pro. If youve been editing for a while and moved from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the many differences in the way the two NLEs work is how they handle clip colors. […]

How To Measure The Success Of Change

There are a few different methods for measuring your action plan's success. First, you could simply look at the numbers, should your intended results involve numbers. Alternatively, you could perform a survey, "Did my action plan to do X actually work? On a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied with the results are you?" A third option for measuring results is to test the results. For example, if […]

How To Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp On Android

For some reason, Nintendo has gone ahead and launched Pocket field in Australia before the scheduled release date. As you could imagine, the most avid fans have already figured out how to get around geo-restriction so that they can install the game on their iOS and Android phones from anywhere else in … […]

How To Delete Snapchat Messages Fast 2 Delete Snapchat Fragments Permanently If you have deleted the Snapchat messages or conversations using the above methods, then it is highly recommended that erasing the left fragments permanently. The fragments left by deleting Snapchat messages or conversations can be recovered by some recovery tool. […]

How To Draw A Chibi Deadshot

Im Batman Batman Chibi Chibi Superhero Chibi Marvel Marvel Dc Comics Spiderman Batman Armor Chibi Characters Chibi Drawing Forward Mereka akan melupakanku suatu saat mereka mengerti jadi orang yg tak di kenal lebih baik. […]

How To Add An Etsy Linik To My Facebook Group

Your next step is to add a bit of character, promotion, and potentially viral content to help your group reach success. This guide will help you create an engaging Facebook group that will automatically attract members and keep them coming back for more great content. […]

How To Create A New Reduced Data Set In R

Mobile AT&T is creating a 5G hospital. The next-gen wireless tech is expected to speed up network communications and reduce latency at a Chicago medical center. […]

How To Add Hyperlink In Xaml Xamarin

This is in the form of a DLL for WPF, AAR for Android, Dynamic Framework for iOS, or DLL for Xamarin. Where available, we show you how to reference the libraries from local disk (in the Trial download) or from a package manager. SciChart is published to several package managers including NuGet (WPF, Xamarin), Maven (Android) and Cocoapods (iOS). […]

How To Clean Coil On Fridge With Brush

Cleaning brush which can be used on refrigerators, freezers, dryers and others. Condenser coils expel the heat that is removed from the refrigerator. Keeping them clean will keep your refrigerator run... […]

How To Change Country In Vente Privee

Vente-privee has finally unveiled the latest version of their app to make it even easier for you to shop whenever you want. Discover all your favourite brands with the click of a button. […]

How To Change Location On Google

Google Weather Gadget is a component of the iGoogle homepage, a customized Google website that displays customized information -- including weather -- regionalized to your home location. Change your city within the Weather application without changing the rest of your Google profile. Marie Lowe has […]

How To Connect Iphone To Mercedes Bluetooth

From the center console, locate the Bluetooth cradle, hold down the rear Bluetooth til it blinks, next ensure your phones blue tooth is turned on place next to the Bluetooth in the cradle til it located 'handfree device' and enter the MB code 62872 […]

How To Ask A Girl Out In Person At School

We were out at a bar and we met up with one of his old female friends from his high school days. The conversation was pretty lively, and given that fact, it inevitably turned to sexual topics. The conversation was pretty lively, and given that fact, it inevitably turned to sexual topics. […]

How To Change My Vpn Free

VPN and Smart DNS Services. Protect online privacy, secure your connection and access blocked websites. Try CactusVPN For Free […]

How To Clean Old Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

25/03/2015 This is how to stripped and repainted my cabinet hinges to match my new drawer pulls. We decided to repaint them so we would not have to drill new holes for the hinges. It worked out well. […]

How To Clean Out Storage On Macx

How to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive & Speed Up Mac The Tool You Will Need to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive All you need is a free Mac cleaning software, MacClean , a professional Mac cleaner made to remove junk files from your Mac. […]

How To Clear Music Off Iphone

I wiped clean the music on my iPhone, and now the phone is reconnecting with my iMac. However, I do want to keep my LP albums. Thanks for your help." However, I do want to keep my … […]

My Cat Gives Birth How To Cut The

Yes, it's a good idea to watch over this cat as she gives birth. You can bond with her by helping to dry off the kittens with paper towels and get them breathing. Mama cat will probably remove the placenta herself, if she does not, you can squeeze it off and break the cord, and pinch the umbilical […]

Stardew Valley How To Buy Cabins

8/11/2017 Subscribe for unique daily content. Stardew valley Multiplayer is weeks away, so let's take a look at this recent spoiler! Source: […]

How To Cut Sandpaper For 1 4 Sheet Sander

First of all, let me say that I originally chose a quarter-sheet sander for two reasons: 1) they're very cost-effective to use, especially if you cut your sandpaper yourself rather than buy pre-cut sandpaper, 2) they're able to get into corners. […]

How To Draw A Cute Cloud Emoji Unicorn

How to draw a Unicorn Poop Cute Emoji Rainbow Coloring - YouTube. How to draw a Unicorn Poop Cute Emoji Rainbow Coloring - YouTube . HOW TO DRAW A SUPER CUTE CLOUD EMOJI UNICORN - EASY DRAWING. September 2018. How to draw a Unicorn Poop Cute Emoji Rainbow Coloring - YouTube. Eenhoorn Kunst Eenhoorn Tekenen Kawaii Doodles Krabbel Kunst Tekeningen […]

How To Steam Cook Corned Beef

Steamed corned beef is a classic Bahamian dish also known as 'Fire Engine'. Traditionally served with grits for breakfast or with white rice for lunch or dinner. Steam […]

How To Choose Earphones Specs

A stereo Bluetooth headset is paired the same way as any other Bluetooth headset. When your Galaxy S 5 phone and the headset connect, the phone recognizes that the headset operates in stereo when you’re listening to music or videos. […]

How To Cook Beef Jerky

How to Make Corned Beef Jerky. Before you head out to your kitchen, you have to make sure that you have already acquired the necessary ingredients for this treat. […]

How To Delete Weddingwire Ca Website

5/10/2016 · We want to go as simple as possible and do as much as we can on our own and with our guests help. We're getting married in our favourite pond, it was a give in as soon as he told me his plan! […]

How To Connect A Polycom Soundstation

Connect Optional Accessories Not shown: SoundStation® IP 6000 Quick Start Guide After it has been connected to the network, the SoundStation IP 6000 automatically powers up via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and begins a process of establishing itself on the network. When this is complete, the idle screen is displayed (as shown on the right). For more information, refer to the SoundStation IP […]

How To Build A Gaming Pc Austin Evans

Austin Evans 279,848 lượt xem Tải video Nhac Youtube MP3 - Between the ROG Mothership and Zephyrus S Asus brought some serious gaming laptops to CES 2019. […]

How To Delete Books From Vitalsource Bookshelf

Bookshelf eBooks also feature embedded scripture verses so that the full context can be viewed with a single tap. We hope that the Deseret Bookshelf app provides quality eBooks that build faith, strengthen homes and families, ennoble personal virtues, and offer practical advice. […]

How To Connect Trello And Todoist

Compare Todoist vs. Trello Finding the most effective Collaboration Software for your firm is key to growing your companys productivity. In our platform, you can easily evaluate various solutions to see which one is the most suitable software for your needs. […]

How To Cancel Caa Auto Insurance

Bundle your CAA Auto and Home Insurance and receive a 5% discount on your auto insurance and up to 12.5% on your home insurance. Get a Quote. File a Claim. Let us make filing a claim easier for you. Get quick, efficient service when you call any of our dedicated claims lines. Learn More . Winter Tire Discount. Youll receive a 5% discount on your CAA Auto Insurance premium if your vehicle is […]

How To Draw Bubble Guppies Step By Step

How to draw puppy : Running Anatomy Test Wip By Thesepantsdontfit On Deviantart. How To Draw Puppy Step For Children Kids Beginners Youtube. Learn Dudley From T U F Puppy. […]

How To Become A House Appraiser

How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser in Illinois . Author: Chris Dolland, Certified Real Estate Appraiser; As a state certified appraiser, you will also qualify for many in-house positions at large financial institutions and AMCs (generally as a review appraiser). Although years of experience is often desired, having the state certification meets one of the basic requirements set by many […]

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